Get started expanding your yoga teaching into the workplace by using the step-by-step actions and easy-to-use templates provided in The Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training.

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Samantha's "Relationship & Contacts" assignment within the training helped me remember and organize my warm leads. Also, her suggestion to ask my friend for an email introduction was important to get directly in touch with HR.

There's so much about this training that has been incredibly helpful and I'm grateful for her guidance along each step of the way.


The set-up of Samantha's Online Corporate Yoga Teacher Training is awesome.


I've been taking the videos on distance walks absorbing info and filling out the written assignments when I get back.  Still in Module 1.

So far so good.


I'm loving the program already. Self-paced is my jam!


The course is helping me create a plan for approaching corporate clients even virtually!


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most common questions regarding the training.

When does the training start?

What if I can't work on the course right now?

Will you be running the course again?

I've never taught corporate yoga classes. Is this training right for me?

I have taught corporate classes before but want to learn how to get more clients and/or build a team of teachers is this training for me?

I want to teach in schools or other organizations that aren't exactly companies, is this training applicable?